Theresa Mai - MCCRC Final Report.pdf

Multnomah County Charter Review Report

Theresa Mai - Joint Press Release for Oral Health Week.pdf

Oral Health Week Press Release

Floor Letter - HB 2994B.pdf

HB 2994B Floor Letter

Theresa Mai - HB 2996 & HB 3223 Floor Letter.pdf

HB 2996 and HB 3223 Floor Letter

Theresa Mai - HB 2278 Floor Speech.pdf

HB 2278 Floor Speech

Theresa Mai - Cub Scouts Teaching Material.pdf

Cub Scouts Teaching Materials

Mai - HB 2835 Final Memo.docx

HB 2835 Mock Policy Memorandum

Theresa Mai - HB 3232.pdf

HB 3232

Much to great fanfare, I created silly graphics counting down to sine die, resulting in the Chief Clerk requesting them for future consideration.