Education Memorandum

Theresa Mai - Memorandum on Public Education and Undocumented Children.pdf

For my Law and Education course, I was tasked to write a legal memorandum on a key issue in education policy, analyzing both the policy and legal dimensions. I decided to write my memorandum on ensuring access to an education for undocumented children.

Skills: Policy Analysis, Writing, Research

HB 4084 Floor Speech


I reviewed Rep. Ruiz's floor speech for HB 4084 (Educational Support for Foster Youth). Beyond checking for grammar and spelling, I looked at the speech's flow and clarity, particularly when it comes to explaining the bill's stakeholders and implementation. 

Skills: Editing, Speech Writing

Oral Health Week Press Release

Theresa Mai - Joint Press Release for Oral Health Week.pdf

I wrote a joint press release for Reps. Hai Pham and Javadi, celebrating a historic slate of dental bills. I worked on this press release in collaboration with the HMO, HRO, and Oregon Dental Association.

Skills: Writing, Editing, Collaboration

HCR 31

Theresa Mai - HCR 31.pdf

I drafted Rep. Hai Pham's personal priority bill, HCR 31. With approval from OHSU, Rep. Pham dropped the bill with Sen. Lieber and Rep. Grayber as chief sponsors.

Skills: Bill Drafting, Research

HB 2994 Floor Letter

Theresa Mai - HB 2994B Floor Letter.pdf

With talking points from my chief of staff, I designed Rep. Hai Pham's floor letter for HB 2994, the Children's Hearing Aids Access Bill.

Skills: Canva, Editing

Minoru Yasui Courtesy

Theresa Mai - Minoru Yasui Courtesy.pdf

For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I drafted a courtesy to honor the accomplishments of Oregon icon Minoru Yasui.

Skills: Speech Writing, Research

HB 3232

Theresa Mai - HB 3232.pdf

For the Willamette Valley Legislative Fellowship, I led the policy development of what later became HB 3232 (Financial Literacy for High Schoolers).

Skills: Policy Development, Research

Cub Scouts' Materials

Theresa Mai - Cub Scouts Teaching Material.pdf

For Rep. Hai Pham's visit with a Cub Scout den, I created learning materials for elementary schoolers, covering the Legislature and the scouts' legislators.

Skills: Canva, Research, Writing

Rep. Ruiz's Office Door Sign

Theresa Mai - Rep. Ruiz Office Sign.pdf

While sticking to branding, I redesigned the office's door sign for the 2024 short session. With Rep. Ruiz's feedback, I designed the team roster with baby pictures - much to positive reception by the public.

Skills: Canva