Hello! My name is Theresa, and I am studying public policy and psychology at Oregon State University. Outside of school, you can find me doing research on how to best support academic success, coaching other students on how to achieve their goals, and advocating for college students at the Oregon State Legislature. As someone who love to simply help others, my aim is to use my skills in research, policy, and advocacy to hear and uplift communities, especially those historically underserved.


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research, policy, and advocacy

Education: A Vehicle for the American Dream

An Issue Statement

When applying to my university's student advocacy program, I explained my mission to reimagine our education system as a launchpad for our students' livelihoods. Because of my strong application, I was accepted into the university-wide 50-student cohort.

Financial Literacy in K-12

A Policy Proposal

For the Truman Scholarship, I developed a policy proposal focused on intiating a pilot program for financial literacy. As a result of my scholarship application, I was chosen as Oregon State University's campus nominee.

Driving Policy Change: An Intern's Experience

A Blog Post

To conclude my internship at Forth, I published an article recapping my experience and how authentic partnerships can make an impact in policy.

Uplifting Oregonians with Financial Literacy

A Policy Concept

Noticing how student needs are not met, my policy group created a policy concept, advocating for making personal finance a high school requirement in Oregon.

A Review on Study Strategies

A Lightning Talk

On a $750 scholarship, I did an independent research project on how college students study, especially those in different majors. As a result, it was submitted as part of one overarching research publication, focused on how to better predict learning as a whole.

Education During the Holocaust

A Story Map

With a story map, I explained how education was used as a form of resistance and empowerment for Jews. Being deemed as an important contribution towards Holocaust and genocide education, my project is published on the Honors College website.

what am I doing now?


Because of the pandemic, I am enjoying the company of my mother, sister, and chihuahua in Portland, OR. I am also (slowly) learning how to speak Spanish and Vietnamese, and I am reading What You Should Know About Politics ... But Don't. Besides that, I am listening to the following podcasts: Up First, Think Out Loud, OPB Politics, Freakonomics, 538 Politics, and The Weeds.


For this Oregon state legislative session, I am excited to be involved as an OSU student advocate and a legislative intern for State Representative Ruiz! In addition, I have received news that I am Oregon State's campus nominee for the Truman Scholarship, and I am excited to see if I will be a finalist in mid-February. Finally, in terms of school, I am taking Positive Psychology, State and Local Politics, Introduction to Policy Research, and the Purpose of Education in a Democracy for this Winter term!


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