aspiring public servant

uplifting communities through social policy, research, and advocacy

honors b.s. public policy and psychology ‘22


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Driving Policy Change: An Intern's Experience

A Blog Post

To conclude my internship at Forth, I published an article recapping my experience and how authentic partnerships can make an impact in policy.

Education: A Vehicle for the American Dream

An Issue Statement

When applying to my university's student advocacy program, I explained my mission to reimagine our education system as a launchpad for our students' livelihoods. Because of my strong application, I was accepted into the university-wide 50-student cohort.


Education During the Holocaust

A Story Map

For a course, I described how education was used as a form of resistance for Jews and how their educational experiences are diverse and unique. Now, my project is published on the Honors College website as an important contribution towards Holocaust and genocide education.

Mt. Hood Community College Forensics

A Public Comment

Due to COVID-19, budget cuts are inevitable, yet my alma mater was considering to stop funding its own forensics team. In response, I sent a public comment to the board, persuading them to continue the program.


The United States of America’s Poverty Rate

A Statistical Report

I analyzed the relationship between a state's poverty rate and several other factors. In the end, I found that the state’s percentage of the population being of color, median household income, percentage of households being food insecure, and healthcare quality can help predict the state’s poverty rate.

A Review on Study Strategies: Are they the same across domains?

A Lightning Talk

On a $750 scholarship, I did an independent research project on how college students study, especially those in different majors. As a result, it was submitted as part of one overarching research publication, focused on how to better predict learning as a whole.

what am I doing now?


Because of the pandemic, I am enjoying the company of my mother, sister, and chihuahua in Portland, OR. I am also (slowly) learning how to speak Spanish and Vietnamese, and I am reading The Color of Law. Besides that, I am listening to the following podcasts: Up First, Think Out Loud, OPB Politics, Freakonomics, 538 Politics, and The Weeds.


Currently, I am a Willamette Valley Legislative Fellow, Presidential Student Legislative Advocate, and campaign intern, learning from the best in Oregon policy and politics. I am also preparing an application for the Truman Scholarship, a national scholarship for those seeking to be changemakers in public service. In terms of school, I will be taking courses in Public Policy Problems, Social Inequality, Microeconomics, and Research Methods in Psychology for Fall term!


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